On average, children spend between four and six hours on some kind of screen every day. And that number can easily rise much higher during those summer months off of school.

But we all know this isn’t healthy for our kids. It’s important to keep them as screen-free this summer as possible. But that means a little more work on your end to keep it that way! Luckily, there are so many things to do; it takes a little creativity to make it happen!

Check out these tips for how to stay active from our pediatricians in Meridian!

staying active in the summer

1. Incorporate Physical Movement

Healthy kids have a lot of physical movement throughout their day. It’s just as important for them as it is for adults to get regular exercise. But it’s not always high on their priority list. Especially when compared to extending their playtime.

The best thing you can do is make the added movement into some kind of game. This can look like playing tag, having a dance party, or going on a walk. A couple of minutes of fitness for kids can make a big difference!

2. Put Outdoor Activities on the Schedule

Most people enjoy being outside, especially in the summer. And there are so many benefits that come from the fresh air and sunshine.

But it can be easy to put it off when the temperatures start to rise. Until eventually, the whole day has passed, and you never made it out the door! This is why it’s important to put it on the schedule. Even planning a simple outdoor picnic will promote a screen-free summer.

Just be sure to remember the sunscreen!

3. Keep Educational Practice

For many years, the summer slide has been a real concern for parents. The last thing they want is for their child to lose some of what they worked so hard to learn during the school year. A kid’s summer vacation can include some educational practices to prevent that!

The key to making this successful is to add in the fun. No child wants to spend their break doing boring homework. But adding in educational games every day will keep their skills fresh and ready to go for next year.

4. Learn a New Skill Together

The educational opportunities don’t have to be limited to just your child! There are not many things that are more fun than working hard to learn a new skill together. This could be mastering a new recipe, learning a new game, or completing some kind of challenge. Whatever you decide, it will be a great opportunity to bond without screens!

Top Tips from Our Pediatricians for Staying Active

Screens can be great tools for learning and entertainment. It’s just important to keep them within a healthy limit so it doesn’t lead to overstimulation.

Keeping your kids active will look different for every family. But it will always lead to happy, lasting memories for everyone!

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