Far too many children are missing their regular checkups with their pediatricians. Roughly 13.5% of children aged 0 to 17 are not going to their checkups.

This alarming figure is an improvement from decades ago. In 2008, more than 24% of children were skipping their checkups.

Read on to learn more about pediatrics in Meridian, Idaho. Explore the importance of well-child visits and how providers in Meridian can promote good health.

Why Are Well Child Checkups Important?

Regular examinations by your Meridian pediatricians and nurse practitioners are essential for promoting overall health. Meridian pediatrics appointments accomplish a number of medical objectives depending on your age.

For newborns and toddlers, well-child visits focus on development. Meridian pediatricians carefully inspect a young child’s anatomy. They also monitor the baby’s heart and lungs to make sure these vital organs are working properly.

Regardless of your age, weight and height are checked at each visit. The intent is to make sure that your child is growing at an acceptable level.

Vaccinations are also a critical part of your well visit. Your pediatricians review the vaccination schedule to make sure your child is up-to-date. They administer essential vaccines for lethal viruses like polio and measles.

Older children are administered a vision test as well. One study showed that 40% of children up to 5 years old never received a vision exam. Failure to correct vision issues may result in developmental delays.

Pediatrics in Meridian: The Importance of Regular Checkups for Children

How Often Are Well Child Visits?

The frequency of well-child visits depends on the patient’s age. For a newborn or toddler, the visits are more frequent. A newborn is going to see the pediatrician or nurse practitioner every two months.

This is because growth and motor development are so important at this stage. Newborns also receive more vaccinations than older children because their immune system is not yet fully developed. After their birth date, newborns receive a variety of vaccinations at each two-month appointment.

As the child gets older, the interval between appointments increases. A one-year checkup eventually becomes the norm. Here, the pediatrician still checks growth, basic anatomy, and vaccination status.

What Else Happens at a Checkup?

A well visit also gives the parents an opportunity to talk about their child’s overall health. What has been plaguing them over the course of the year? Are there mental or physical health concerns that the provider should be aware of?

From here, the pediatrician can provide medical guidance. They may refer your child to a specialist or recommend a course of action.

Your Guide to Pediatrics in Meridian

You are now ready to schedule your child’s next well visit. Contacting the provider’s office is the best way to find out when to bring your child in.

It is highly recommended not to put off your regular checkup. Preventative medicine is just as important as diagnosis and treatment.

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