Thrive by the Numbers

We are thrilled to share our anniversary with you. It has been an incredible year. We have been very fortunate due to our patient and community support to have survived and in fact, thrived opening our clinic during a pandemic. In fact, our efforts were featured by the American Board of Pediatrics in an article titled In Idaho Sick Kids Visit the ‘Camping Doctor’.

Our mission is to inspire children and those caring for them to thrive! Our core values include Growth Mindset, Life Balance, Simplicity, Gratitude and Team Cohesiveness. These values guide our everyday decision and have guided the formation of the Thrive team that serves the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Interestingly, we have observed other values including education.  As noted in the sidebar, we have brought students in from the beginning, including nurse practitioner, medical assistant, high school, business, pre-med and medical students.  Our staff also continue to grow as many pursue further education and training.

We strive to provide you a simple, clean and fun pediatric experience.  We want you to feel like you can access our services.  We also value your feedback and will always strive to learn and improve for you.

We are so grateful for other community resources for children.  Therapists, specialists, pharmacists and those who provide special supplies from boots to bilirubin blankets to our little ones.  We know that you too are often going the extra mile to keep these precious children safe and healthy.

What’s on the Horizon

We meet multiple times a week to work both in our business and on our business.  Surprisingly, in spite of the frequency, these meetings are actually productive and we owe gratitude for the attitudes of our team and the guidance of MedMan Medical Management Company.  We are working to prepare the following for you.

  • Start population management for our patients with asthma, ADHD and other conditions. This will help us better serve these populations in a more organized fashion.
  • We are constantly making efforts to connect with other pediatric ancillary services so that we refer you to locations whose wait times are not drastic and services are worth the wait.
  • We will continue to use resources like social media and our website to educate and inform our community on pertinent health related issues.

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