2020 has been tough! Life as we knew it took a hard left back in March, and none of us can foresee what we’ll find in our new normal. Here at Thrive Pediatrics, along with our partners at Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy and Learning Academy, we want to support parents, like yourself, through the strange in-between of remote school, virtual health visits and work from home.


Perhaps, now that your child is with you more, you may see new behaviors that give you concern or have new insight on behavioral triggers/stressors as you’ve spent more time with each other. You may see your child in a different light, now that she is learning from you or depending on you solely for academic growth and stimulation.


If you are curious or have concerns about your child’s development such as…


  1. Is my child talking on time or appropriately?
  2. Are their feeding behaviors normal?
  3. Are my child’s fine/gross motor skills delayed?
  4. Why is she having meltdowns or difficulty with transitions?
  5. Why can’t he do what his peers are doing?


One can start by visiting the Chatterbox development by age reference


Here, you can check milestones and red flags for your child’s age, and also request to chat with a therapist for free to discuss your concerns!


Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy and Learning Academy offers Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and their Learning Academy at two convenient locations in the Treasure Valley. If your child could benefit from services, Chatterbox will conduct an evaluation to provide you with the answers you’re looking for. An evaluation with a therapist is a thorough, in person assessment of children’s strengths and possible weaknesses, and informs them and you as to whether they would benefit from specialized intervention to reach their full potential.


However, before children can enroll in therapy they would need to establish care with a primary care provider in a medical home.  At Thrive Pediatrics, Doctors Taylor and Smith and Nurse Practitioner Bryana Hinck are trained and ready to provide just that you need.  Thrive Pediatrics’ purpose is to inspire children and those caring for them to thrive.  The people at Thrive do this while providing simple, clean and fun pediatric care.


If you are new to Thrive Pediatrics, then call us at 208-514-0203 to schedule an appointment or a free meet-and-greet of the office. One can also visit our website at thrive-pediatrics.com. If you are already established then, apart from calling, you can use our ThrivePeds app or the portal to message your provider your concerns.

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