When we opened Thrive Pediatrics, we designed it where we could treat both the well and those with illnesses with minimal risk of spreading germs. This strategy will continue via our “Well Side” and “Sick Side”. However, in light of this pandemic, we have an updated protocol for children we suspect may have been exposed to the Coronavirus. The steps are laid out below to help our families understand how Thrive will serve the community during this time of uncertainty.

Thrive’s Protocol for Assessing and Testing Patients for Coronavirus

  • When a parent/guardian initially calls the practice, they will be asked a series of screening questions:
    • Are you experiencing any illness symptoms such as a cough, fever or other respiratory issues?
    • Has the child or family traveled outside of the state of Idaho recently?
    • Has the child or family been directly exposed to someone who has tested positive for the Coronavirus?
  • If the answers to these questions are positive, then the parent/guardian will speak with our Triage Nurse to determine the next steps.
  • If the Triage Nurse assesses that a visit is warranted, we will first schedule a TeleHealth appointment with one of our providers. This visit is conducted via the Thrive Pediatrics app and is a secure platform where the provider and family can speak and see each other via web camera. The provider will carry out an assessment to determine if testing is appropriate or manage the concern from home.
  • If the provider determines that an office visit and testing is appropriate, families will be instructed to come to a secondary entrance on the south side of our building where, if possible, the provider will assess the child within the family’s vehicle. If needed, the provider will escort the patient and family upstairs and room the patient right away, avoiding all together the elevator, lobby and waiting room.
    • Our provider will be dressed in the proper protective equipment, including goggles, face mask, gown and gloves. We ask that parents/guardians prepare their children for this so that it can be less intimidating.
  • Following the appropriate guidelines from the CDC, the provider will determine what tests are needed, included but not limited to tests for strep, flu and/or the Coronavirus.

Our approach and protocols will be updated daily to ensure that we are keeping up with the most current information from the CDC and State of Idaho. Changes in our ability to secure supplies may also cause us to have to adapt our protocols but we will do our best to communicate these changes quickly and continue serving our patients and community.


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