Floor Therapy”  When I was a boy, one of my best friends was my mother.  We did all sorts of fun activities together but one of my favorites was when she would get down on the floor and simply play with me.  I loved pretending with my Star Wars or G.I. Joe figurines and so my mother would pretend too.  She would get a cardboard box, make it into a tower, then cut windows and an escape hatch in the top.  Then she would get orange colored cellophane and a flashlight and would pretend the building was on fire.  Luke would save Princess Leah out of burning tower or Chewbacca would rescue Han Solo.

Recently, while reading one of my professional journals, I came across a therapy called “Floor Therapy.”  This entails the therapist getting on the same level as the child and interacting with them on the child’s terms.  My mother was ahead of her time.  I would encourage you as parents to learn your children’s interests, come down to their level and play with them.  Recognizing that we live very busy lives, even if you could dedicate thirty minutes toward an interest of your child, it can make a world of difference in the life of a child.  I am Dr. Steve Smith and we are Thrive Pediatrics in Meridian, Caring for Idaho’s Future, Today.

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