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How to Complete Tasks for an Upcoming Appointment

How to Complete Tasks for your Appointment

Step by Step Instructions

  • Click on the Thrive Pediatrics app from your device’s home screen
  • Make sure that you have selected the correct patient, their name will be at the very top/middle of the screen
  • Look for the ribbon at the bottom of the screen that should show several icons (Heart, Envelope, $, Message box, Clock)
  • Click on the Heart icon
  • If you have an appointment scheduled it will show the date of the appointment at the top of the screen just below the name of the patient
  • Select the day of the appointment
    • Sometimes you will also see the date of the day before the appointment also show up and tasks for the appointment will show up under this date
  • You will see a list of tasks populate the screen and you can just start from the top or select any given task listed
  • As you complete each task you can either continue on to the next task or come back to the task menu screen
  • As tasks are completed you will be able to see a green checkmark next to each completed task
  • For most Well Child Check visits, insurance plans do not require any form of copayment and so you can skip the copayment task in most cases
Now you should be all set for your appointment! If you run into any additional issues please feel free to give us a call at 208-514-0203.