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How to Access Your Telehealth Visit

Step by Step Instructions

  • Click on the Thrive Pediatrics app from your device’s home screen
  • Look for the ribbon at the bottom of the screen that should show several icons (Heart, Envelope, $, Message box, Clock)
  • Click on the Clock icon
  • If you have a telehealth visit appointment scheduled, the appointment should appear on the screen with the date, time and provider that you are seeing for that visit
    • It can take between 3 to 10 minutes for the appointment to appear from when the appointment is actually scheduled
    • The appointment must be schedule as a telehealth visit for the telehealth function to work properly, even if the visit is for another reason that fits a different visit type
  • Click on the appointment
  • You’ll see 3 to 5 items appear on the screen, look for the video play button with¬†Start Video Call Here stated next to it, click on that item
  • You may need to give access to the app to access the microphone, speaker and camera on your device, please click yes to give access
  • If your provider has not joined the call yet, it will say so and simply ask you to wait
  • Once your provider joins, he or she will be on camera and you should be able to see and hear them
    • If there are sound issues of any kind, please exit the call and come right back in as this seems to solve most if not all sound and video issues
Now you should be in your telehealth appointment! If you run into any additional issues please feel free to give us a call at 208-514-0203.